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About Pareto Analytica

"Big data is imperative to business—and the amount of data in circulation and storage needed increases daily. Most forward-thinking businesses recognize the value of this data and leverage it as a decision-making factor for business strategy, but they don’t use it to its full potential. Unfortunately, most big data exists in silos that bog down its effectiveness"           (Daniel Newman) 

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Pareto Analytica believes that data can be a powerful tool for maximizing profits for businesses, and knows how to use it.

No matter how many data assets you have or how few, there's a substantial chance that they can be utilized for financial gain.


Pareto Analytica is actually a one-stop-shop for all data solutions, providing everything you need to get the most out of your data. We provide both turnkey and custom solutions.

Our company is made up of 8200 talented alumni. Although our offices are in Tel Aviv, we never miss face-to-face opportunities with our clients.

Meet The Team

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Eyal Daniel

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CEO & Founder


Sid Feiner

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Data Architect


Matan Dari-Badash

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Project Manager


Maayan Weinheber

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Operations Manager


Naor Aharon

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Data Engineer

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Lior Naim Alon

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DBA Consultant

Why Us?


We leverage all types of data across organizations to deliver valuable insights, so you can lead your company towards growth.


It doesn’t matter which data management software you use. We analyze data independently, with no need for additional systems or software.


We offer a broad range of services that help companies capture the competitive edge of data transformation.

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